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Winter Combo Kit

$36.97 $42.00

To help combat the common cold and dangerous flu we are offing not just the three must have oils that may help with preventing a cold or flu from taking hold in your body but we are also including a bottle of our proprietary blend Germ Off Hand Sanitizer. Spray this on your hands, door knobs and door handles, shopping carts, steering wheel, shifter knob, etc. Anywhere you commonly touch things around your home, work place or in your car. Use the three essential oils topically, in a diffuser, or in room temperature water you drink throughout the day. This is a good time to mention, drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will help keep your system flushing out toxins including virus out of your system. All of our oils are 100% plant based Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. We do not use any chemical binders in our Germ Off Hand Sanitizer so we tell everyone to shake the bottle well before each use. It is alcohol free and petroleum free.


For a limited time the cold and flu kit and Germ Off Hand Sanitizer combination is $36.97 with FREE shipping. This offer expires December 31st, 2018 so please hurry while supplies last. The hand sanitizer alone has been going off the shelf.  If you are planning to do any traveling during the holiday, this is must have kit in your suit case. Don’t risk it, protect yourself now!

Winter Combo Includes :

Cold/Flu Oils Kit :  (1) 5/8 DRAM On Guard Blend Essential oil, (1) 5/8 DRAM Orange Essential Oil, (1) 5/8 DRAM Breath Blend Essential Oil.

(1) 2oz. spray bottle of Germ Off Essential Hand Sanitizer.

$36.97 with free shipping thru December 31st.

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