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Intuitive Angelic Card Reading


I offer card readings either in person or long distance via phone. I do not do typical Tarot Card reading. Instead I am lead to read through three different decks of cards. Before we begin I ask that you think of a question you are wanting an answer for. If you don’t have anything specific than I suggest you simply ask the question “What is it that I need to know now?” While you are thinking of this question the deck of cards will be shuffled. The first deck is call the Art of Life. We will draw three cards from this deck. All three cards usually relate to what is going on currently with glimpse into future outcomes. These cards offer famous art pieces which afford me the opportunity to see things within the portrait which usually is tied to a message I am to deliver to you. Also on each card is a quote from someone usually well known. Within the quote is a message which is to assist you with the question you have.

The next set two decks of cards are angle cards and we draw one from each deck. The angles offer supporting guidance to the previous cards drawn and sometimes they have side message of something you need to know. This also helps you to know which angles are closest to you at the time so you know which angles to ask specifically for help and guidance.

Typical readings last no less than 30 minutes but most often will go an hour or more.   If the reading is in person I offer you the opportunity to take a picture of the cards for you to take with you to review and help you remember things brought out during the reading.  If the reading is long distance I offer to take a picture for you and email it to you for your own review and to help you remember things brought out during the reading. 

I am an ordain minister and offer counseling and guidance to those open and welling to receive as part of your reading.

I recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before seeking another reading because any reading sooner can generally cause confusion and many times the message will be the same in some form or another.

I generally charge less than many readers because I feel the messages that need to be delivered are far more important than money.

I ask that you email, call or text me to set up an appointment. Once you have your appointment I ask that you come here and pay for your reading 20 to 30 minutes prior to your set appointment. Once I get receipt, I will call you at the designated time and we will commence with the reading. I always recommend that you be in a quiet and comfortable place for your reading with little to no distractions. This is your time and I want to help you get the most out of the messages which come through for you.


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