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May Peace Love & Joy always be part of your everyday!

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I am a card reader.  I am not lead to do Tarot readings but rather a unique intuitive card reading using 4 separate card decks each unique.  I do this because I do not want to confuse or dilute the message you are needing at the time of the reading.  Also, I look for confirmation between the different decks of cards related to your message.  I ask that you have a question in mind when you are ready for a reading.  This helps direct focus on the message you need to know at the time of your reading.  Many times we have other things going on in our lives where the answer to a question you are seeking is not as dominate or as important as something else happening in your life.  Many times this is picked up more then the focus on the question and is more important for you to hear.  I find that many times our question is more of a diversion from something else which may require more attention at the time of your reading.  Contact me for a one on one reading, either face to face or long distance and see what it is you need to know today.


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