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May Peace Love & Joy always be part of your everyday!

PLJ Healing ARTS

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See one of a kind meditation fountains all personally hand made by the founder of PLJ Healing Arts, MJ Kelley.  Each fountain incorporates the elements of our planet earth.  The clay parts represent the earth or ground beneath our feet for grounding to mother earth.  Water represents purifying, cleansing and healing.  Fire represents the light not only from within us but from the universe and the ascended masters.  Wind created by the moving waters, represents movement of energies transferring and moving around and through our physical selves.  I also incorporate quartz crystals which amplify our messages given and received and also amplify healing and prosperity. 


Each fountain is made with love and light and each are very unique.  The artist MJ Kelley allows the channeling of the archangels to create each piece.  Each one is uniquely numbered and some are given names.  The fountains are made for the purpose of meditation, going within and going out from within announcing what it is you want in your life and for manifesting healing for your physical body.   A guide book is proved with each fountain as well as tea lights and a set of crystals.  We would love to hear about your meditation experiences, share them with us and we will post them for others to read. 


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